Batter mixer machine DJJ100 – II



Batter mixer machine DJJ100 – II

DJJ100-II (IV) batter mixer machine can mix the powder and water evenly with special designed blender,

DJJ100-II batter mixer is to mix tempura batter,

DJJ100-IV batter mixer is to mix high viscosity batter.


Advanced program design can realize high speed mixing-low speed mixing-liquid finishing alarm cycling; avoid the deposition of the batter.
Double layer mixing tank, the ice block or other cooling medium can be placed in to keep the temperature. (10~20℃)
The pump can feed the battering machine automatically.
Reliable safe protection device, apply the SIEMENS electric parts.
Completely stainless steel made, safe and reliable, in conformity with the standard of HACCP.
It can realise the liquid definite quantity control and the batter coating definite quantity control. (Optional equipment)


Model                                             DJJ100 – II
Capacity of mixing tank        100L
Mixer power                                1.1kW
Pump power                                1.5kW
Overall dimension                   1330×836×1330mm
Application                                 middle viscosity