Automatic Shuttle Transfer System ZWCJ600



Automatic Shuttle Transfer System ZWCJ600

Servo Automatic shuttle transfer system (model, ZWCJ600) utilizes s servo-driven Shuttle Transfer System to automatically change conveyor direction by 90° and also can convey from one line to multiple lines, which maximize productivity and ensure exact product placement.


Servo-driven shuttle construction can ensure consistant and precise product placement.
Can be synchronized with the AMF400, AMF600 or other conveyors.
Touch screen operating system.
Shuttle distance and portion size can be adjustable.
The whole machine is made of stainless steel and nonmetal material, meet the HACCP standard.


Model:                                                         ZWCJ400                  ZWCJ600
Speed of the belt:                                   3~15m/min adjustable
Input height:                                            1050±50mm
Output height:                                         1000±50mm
Power:                                                         2.05kW
Width of the belt:                                  400mm                      600mm
Overall dimension:                              3060×740×1400mm     3060×940×1400mm