Automatic Multi Forming Machine AMF250-II



Automatic Multi Forming Machine AMF250-II

AMF250-II Automatic multi forming machine is same perfect forming with AMF600. It can be used for small factory and private business. It can process meat, seafood and vegetable, such as chicken nugget, hamburger, beef steak, fish patty, potato patty, etc.


Adopting the mould forming method, accurate shape and weight.

Adopting the completely Germany FESTO original system.

Using SIEMENS PLC processor.

Stainless steel made and portion non-metal material, in conformity with the standard of HACCP.


Model:                                              AMF250-II
Width of the belt:                        248mm
Air / water pressure:                 6Bar/ 2Bar
Power:                                              5,56kW
Strokes:                                            15~60 strokes/min
The thickness of product:        Max. 30mm
Weight Error:                                ≤2%
The maximum diameter:         140mm(for round burger)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Overall dimension:                     2513×709×1950mm